Treatment For Tooth Fractures in Tucson, AZ

The treatments needed for fractures depends on the severity of the fracture.

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Dental Implants Treatment in Tucson, AZ Emergency Dentist

Dental Implants

If the tooth is untreatable, then extraction is needed to be done. After extraction, you can either choose to leave it be as it is or follow through with a dental implant procedure to replace the extracted tooth.

Preventive Measures

Dental fractures can occur regardless of all the preventive measures you take but it is better to reduce the chances of getting one. As opposed to not taking any preventive measures

Doing the following helps in reducing tooth fractures from occurring:

  • Brush Teeth And Floss Regularly
  • Get regular Dental Checkups.
  • Wear Safety Gears During Sport/Outdoor Activities.
  • Avoid Habitual Teeth Grinding.
  • Avoid Biting On Hard Foods/Objects.
  • Get Treatment As Soon As Possible.
Untreated Dental Fractures Pain - Emergency Dentist Tucson, Arizona

Tooth fractures are a common dental problem. It is, however, a dental problem that is relatively easy to treat. A good sign that your tooth is fractured is when:

  • You're sensitive to heat and cold.
  • The feeling of agonizing pain when chewing or biting.
  • The feeling of reoccurring pain.

Fractured teeth or cracked teeth can affect anyone regardless of their age. However, it is usually a common problem for people above the age of 25. Tooth fractures can be caused by various reasons such as old age, teeth grinding, gum disease, accidents and biting hard foods.

You are in need of a dental emergency when the fractured tooth is causing unbearable pain or oral trauma caused by tooth displacement and sharp tooth pieces resulting from a broken tooth. Although dental fractures are usually obvious, sometimes it is unnoticeable as there is no sign of pain or any injury to the mouth.

Additionally, the damage caused by a fractured tooth may also impact neighboring tooths which may or may not be noticeable. This is why going through regular dental checkups are very important.

Tooth Fracture Treatment in Tucson, AZ

Why Does It Hurt?

The pain caused by a fractured tooth is due to the irritation of pulp tissue which is where the tooth's blood vessel and nerves are located. When a tooth is fractured or cracked, chewing on something causes movement in the cracked fragments to irritate the pulp tissue.

Aside from that, it will also cause the tooth to be more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Which also causes pain when exposed to cold and hot temperatures. When left alone for an extended period of time, the condition will become worst and cause infection to the pulp tissue.

This infection can spread throughout the area surrounding the fractured tooth. So, it is best to seek treatment as fast as possible.

Treatment for all tooth fractures in Tucson, AZ

Vertical Root Fracture

This fracture occurs below the gum line, which extends vertically upwards. This fracture causes intense pain sometimes even after undergoing a root canal. This kind of fracture often goes unnoticed as there are no warning signs of the fracture occurring. A root canal is needed to be done in order to ease the pain or apicoectomy if treated at an early stage.

Dental Fractures Are Important To be Examined Early As It May Cause More Severity

Dental Fractures That Are Untreated

As soon as you notice the symptoms of dental fractures it is important to immediately seek treatment.

Plus it is also important to get regular dental checkups as some dental fractures may go unnoticed until it becomes severe.

Extended dental fractures that are left untreated may worsen the condition of the fracture. The pain that is caused by the fracture may worsen and becomes unbearable. Even when the fractured tooth does not cause any pain it is best to examine it.

Although the fractured tooth might not be painful, it can still cause damage. It may cause tooth decay which damages the tooth's structure and may cause an abscess to occur or removal of the decayed tooth.

The more you ignore the fractured tooth the more severe it will get and a more serious treatment is needed.

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